Hot Glue and Paint!
Two and Three Dimensional Works by Nanci Aeilts

Nanci's Costume Crafts

Growing up, and later as a mom, Nanci enjoyed creating costumes for various events attended by her family. She was always trying new materials and techniques.

When the drama team at Nanci's new church in Minneapolis asked her to make 10 masks for the upcoming production of "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe", it started her on a new career path. The masks were a hit, so with prayer and encouragement from friends and family, Nanci approached the Main Stage costume designer at The New Chanhassen Dinner Theatres, Chanhassen, MN.

Designers Sandra Nei Schulte and Rich Hamson immediately put Nanci to work learning millinery and making use of her sculptural abilities for a variety of costume craftworks. That relationship with CDT continues today.

Nanci is also available for work with other theatres, organizations and individuals.  She would love to help you with any costume craftwork you may need.  To place an order or to talk with the artist, visit her Contact Us page.

See Nanci's Millinery page to sample her hatmaking skills.

For a list of theatrical productions to which Nanci has contributed, go to Shows Worked.

FEATURED MASK at left: Nanci created the wolf mask for Bloomington Civic Theatre's production of "Into the Woods". An ordinary Halloween mask was cut apart and sections were reassembled with an articulated jawline. Fur additions to the ears and all around including elongating onto the actors chest filled it out nicely. Hands with fur forearm cuffs were added as well.

Aslan mask at right: from Wooddale church's production of "The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe". built on a visor-like base to allow full visibility for actor needing to do stairs several times during show. 

Click here to see more "Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe" costume crafts by Nanci. Click on images below to sample the costume crafts she created for other productions.

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat Jesus Christ Superstar